Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Broadway actor James Monroe INGLEHART celebrated Robin Williams' beloved role as Aladdin's Genie during Tuesday's (12Aug14) production of the hit stage adaptation by leading the audience in a touching sing-a-long.

Inglehart, who recently won a Tony Award for his incarnation of the Genie in the New York show, returned to the stage after the final curtain came down at the New Amsterdam Theatre and belted out the film's Oscar-nominated song Friend Like Me in honour of the man who brought the Disney character to life onscreen.

Crowd members were encouraged to join in by using song lyrics that had been stuffed inside each copy of the show's Playbill programme.

Williams was no stranger to Broadway - he last performed on the Great White Way in 2011 in the play Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.

Broadway theatre bosses will pay tribute to the tragic actor by dimming their marquee lights for one minute on Wednesday night (13Aug14).

Williams died in an apparent suicide at his California home on Monday (11Aug14), aged 63.