David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff raised $150,000 (£90,000) for charity by selling off his personal Knight Rider car at auction.

Hasselhoff was given a 1986 Pontiac Firebird - based on the computer-controlled Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) supercar from his hit 1980s TV show - as a gift from a dedicated fan, and he decided to put it under the hammer to support the Starlight Children's Foundation.

After putting the one-of-a-kind vehicle up for sale in April (14), Hasselhoff recently revealed a car enthusiast bought it for a cool $150,000.

During a speech at the Cambridge Union in England on Saturday (24May14), the actor said, "I can't believe Knight Rider affected so many people in such a positive way. I just sold my car for $150,000 to a guy in Turkey".

The KITT supercar was just one of the items Hasselhoff donated to Julien's Auctions' Hollywood Legends 2014 sale.

Other items included his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, awards for his singing career, a lifeguard's jacket from the set of Baywatch, and his acoustic guitar.

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