Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum has just returned home to America from a nightmare winter break in Britain, during which she experienced post-traumatic stress disorder after a rollercoaster ride and suffered food poisoning.

Rossum was vacationing with an unnamed new boyfriend but admits her London Christmas wasn't quite the dream trip she had hoped it would be.

And it all started to go wrong when she visited Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland attraction and agreed to try out the Blizzard rollercoaster.

Rossum explains, "I went on this trip with this guy I started dating and he loves rollercoasters and I hate rollercoasters, but I wanted to seem, like, cool. He was like, 'Oh, I wanna go on this monster ride...' and I'm, like, having heart palpitations, like a nervous wreck in line, waiting to get on the ride and it's, like, a turbine that spins you, like, 20 feet in the air.

"They're strapping me into the thing and I'm like, 'Did you hear a click...Is it supposed to make a click?' I was, like, such a wreck.

"I got PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and I'm not even kidding... She adds, "And then I got food poisoning the next day!" But there was one plus from the hellish trip to London - Rossum got to experience the quality of the National Health Service.

She adds, "The hospitals are amazing... Free healthcare...They don't even ask you for your ID.

"You give your name, you give your symptoms, they hook you up to a bunch of fluids, they say, 'Just leave when you feel like it', you pay nothing...

"They treated me for hours and I paid nothing. It was amazing".

She also witnessed British ineptitude at its finest on the trip when she took a bus to Stonehenge only to discover the ancient monument was closed. The actress snarls, "I've always wanted to go to Stonehenge...

so I got on one of those little red tour buses with all the German tourists and the Yugoslavian (sic) tourists and the kid behind you is playing his (handheld gaming device), like, 'beep beep beep' right behind you, and we drove...

to Stonehenge to pull up there and be like, 'Yeah, we're closed'.

"We kind of saw it from the highway... They did say, 'You can go to the gift shop,' which is like, 'So, I just drove three hours in a bus full of tourists...'" Rossum reveals she got the money she paid for the trip refunded.

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