Actress Jaime Pressly has opened up about her mastectomy nightmare, revealing she had to undergo the procedure after developing an infection from breastfeeding her son.

Thank God it wasn't (cancer)


The My Name Is Earl star welcomed Dezi James Calvo in 2007, but she did not discover she had mastitis until 2011 when she developed lumps all over her breast.

She tells U.S. magazine show The Talk, "I had something happen to me years ago that I didn't know, I have a high threshold for pain, I was a dancer for 25 years and when I had my son I got mastitis. I didn't know because I thought it was regular breastfeeding pain, and four years later I had lumps (all over my breasts). "What do you immediately think of? (I) went to the doctor, he took the scar tissue out of (one breast) and then six months later, because when you open it up it spreads, I had to go back and do (the other breast).

Then, I had another doctor and they had to do almost a full mastectomy.

"I still have some breast tissue left, just from the mastitis because it mutated into something else because it sat dormant for a while. It was the craziest thing. Thank God it wasn't (cancer)".

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