Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is considering retirement from the movie business as he is starting to struggle with the physical demands and financial pressures of making films.

The Goodfellas director, 71, believes he only has a "couple more" movies left to make, and sees himself bowing out of the business in the next few years.

Speaking at the Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco, Scorsese revealed, "I have the desire to make many films, but as of now, I'm 71 and there's only a couple more left if I get to make them.

"I miss the time when I had the desire to experiment and try different kinds of films, I miss that time, but that's done, it's over. "There is obligation as you get older, you have family...

"As you get older, it gets physically difficult and also the business especially - the financial issues.

"You're responsible for a lot of money, if you get it. It's all pressure, but can you do it?"

He goes on to credit his longtime collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio, who stars in his latest movie The Wolf of Wall Street, with keeping his passion for film alive, adding, "He regenerated my enthusiasm for making films...

His enthusiasm and excitement really kept me going, for another five pictures now".