Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

America's First Lady Michelle Obama met the stars and director of Oscar nominated BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD at the White House on Wednesday morning (13Feb13) and hinted it's her pick for the Best Picture Academy Award.

It shows us the strength of our communities, no matter what they look like

Filmmaker Benh Zeitlin, child star Quvenzhane Wallis and her movie dad Dwight Henry took the trip to Washington, D.C. and were stunned by Obama's kind words about their critically acclaimed 2012 movie.

She said, "It's a movie that makes us all think deeply about the people we love in our lives who make us who we are. It shows us the strength of our communities, no matter what they look like. It shows us that those communities can give us the power to overcome any kind of obstacles. "It also tells a compelling story of poverty and devastation but also of hope and love in the midst of some great challenges". The First Lady went on to call Zeitlin a "really creative and resourceful" director and then turned her attention to nine-year-old Oscar Best Actress nominee Wallis. She told the gathered media and family members of the White House guests, "Quvenzhane, as you know, was just five years old when she auditioned for the film.

Just five...

Now, she seems like a grown woman sitting up here.

And I understand she often acts like one.

"But she was only five, so hopefully she will tell you a little bit about how a five year old learns those lines and learns how to take on the role of that character and to bring that character to life, which is why she has been nominated for an Academy Award. It was very profound".