Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson

'That's a real checkmate argument

Woody Harrelson is a terrible poker pal, according to his best friend Owen Wilson.

The two stars often get together for poker nights with Willie Nelson on Maui, Hawaii, where they all have retreats, and play cards until the early hours - but Wilson admits his fellow actor can be a drag.

He says, "There's a lot of arguing... Woody can kinda get on my nerves... He won't know the rules to the game or he'll start lecturing me; I'll have, like, a slice of pizza and he's like, 'Dude, that gluten is gonna kill you'. "Or even if I have a glass of milk sometimes, which I'll have just to take the edge off; he was telling me, 'You know we're the only animal that drinks another animal's milk'.

"At first I felt like... 'That's a real checkmate argument...,' but then I was, like, thinking, 'Well, we're also the only animal that's loading pot into a bong too...,' which by the way you shouldn't do when you're playing cards on Maui".