Re-tracing your steps, turning your house upside-down in a desperate attempt to find something you know you’ve put down somewhere – we’ve all had that sense of dread that comes with losing or misplacing something.

Bank cards are one of the main items Brits misplace

Bank cards are one of the main items Brits misplace

New research suggests that while those who lose things regularly aren’t alone, we absolutely need to tighten things up to avoid that horrible, pit-of-your-stomach feeling that comes with losing something important.

With other top prized possession lost in the last year being as glasses (20%), house keys (19%), phones (17%) and headphones (18%) all disappearing regularly across the UK, does this mean that as a nation were becoming ever more forgetful?

Our memories can play a massive role in losing our prized possessions with more than half of Brits (58%) saying they often put things in a ‘safe place’ only to forget where that safe place actually is, while 16% say they do this at least twice a week!

46% of us have lost a bank card and immediately cancelled it only to find it again soon after. Most commonly, we re-discover our stuff down the side of the couch (28%), with men typically being victims of loose items, such as change, in their pockets. For women the sense of relief usually kicks in when scouring the depths of their handbags (35%).

Dave Palmer, Head of Mobile and Online Banking – Nationwide Digital said: “We’ve all had that feeling of dread when you go to use something and realise it’s not where you thought it was. That feeling is exasperated when the thing you’ve lost is your debit card as you instantly start to worry that someone may have started spending your money.

“Our research shows that a large majority of people who report their card lost or stolen go on to find it, so being able to freeze their card will reduce both stress and inconvenience. If members can’t find their card, then they can easily report it and order a new one within the banking App.”

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