The countdown is well and truly on, it’s a few weeks until the big day (Christmas of course!) and unless you’ve been living under a rock you might have seen people have been getting up to some mischievous fun with elves. From the US to the UK, people are taking to social and sharing images of their elf dolls getting up to no good. Elves Behavin Badly is just one of the brands who are helping us this festive season.

The UK toy brand has teamed up with Joey Essex to give us some ‘double naughty’ ideas on what we can do to prank our co-workers, mates and family with the elves, including putting the elves in some rather risqué positions in drawers. It’s 2019 campaign #NoElfControl shows just how fun having an elf or two can be.

Watch the Joey Essex video here:

For some ideas on how to use Elves Behavin Badly to prank see below and of course once you prank, get sharing on social.

1) The Photocopying Classic

It’s a classic prank that never seems to grow old. When no-one’s looking, head to the photocopier and place your Elf on the glass. Print as many copies as you like, the more the better, and scatter them around the office, leaving your elf sat on the photocopier with a cheeky grin. It’s sure to raise a laugh when your colleagues arrive at their desk to a print-out they weren’t expecting.

2) Festive Fridge Frolic

With Christmas around the corner, it can seem like colleagues, friends and family are increasingly possessive about what’s ‘theirs’ and what’s ‘exclusively for Christmas’ when it comes to the contents of the fridge. To lighten the mood, place a pair of elves in the door in prime view. If you want to really wind people up, position them suspiciously close to their favourite snacks or drinks, as if these elves are about to guzzle them up.

3) The Puzzling Powercut

What’s worse than a powercut at the busiest time of year? It’s not just computers and TV’s at risk, but the lights on the Christmas tree and what’s cooking in the oven too. Place your elf with a pair of scissors in hand, poised and ready to cut the wires of your precious electrics. If you can do this next to the light switch, it’ll be even funnier for the first person to turn the lights on in the morning.

4) The Naughty Elf

For something that’ll cause a stir and encourage everyone to lock their computers every second they’re not sat at their desk, find something lewd, rude and outrageous to put on a colleague’s computer screen when they’re not looking. Place the Elf at the computer’s mouse and watch the horror on your colleagues face when they return to their desk.

5) Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

There always one who seems happy to drink a cup of tea from every tea round, but never offers to make. Get that person back by sprinkling their tea with a little something extra. We suggest some Northern Comfort, or a little sugar rush. Whatever it is, we’re convinced it’ll spur your colleague on to make the next round.

You can get your own Elves Behavin’ Badly from most major retailers with accessories starting at RRP £1.00 and the Elves RRP £3.99.

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