Fantasy jobs -we all dream of our perfect career but what do others dream about.

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Top Job

A new study from the UK's leading money-saving brand has unveiled the top 10 fantasy jobs that Britons would love to have if anything was possible. According to the poll, most Britons would prefer to be a Minion or a Hogwarts Professor if fantasy became reality.

According to new research from the UK's top discount brand, the majority of Britons would love to have a day job as a Minion or a Hogwarts Professor if fantasy became reality.

All respondents were asked what fantasy jobs they would love to have. They were provided with a list of possible responses and told to select all that applied, with the chance to suggest their own answers too. The top 10 fantasy jobs were revealed as follows:

1.Minion - 32%

2.Hogwarts Professor - 27%

3.Superhero - 26%

4.Dinosaur trainer - 25%

5.Time traveller - 24%

6.Greek God - 23%

7.Tooth fairy - 22%

8.Fairy godmother - 21%

9.Jedi Knight - 20%

10.Vampire slayer - 19%

Further to the top ten, one in ten respondents agreed that they would like to be a 'Ghost' and 5% confessed they dreamt of being 'An alien'. One respondent also suggested that they would like to have the job of 'being Prince George'.

According to the poll, when asked what influenced their fantasy jobs, almost a third of respondents (31%) admitted that 'films and TV programmes' played a role, with a further 25% influenced by 'magazines and comics'.

Matthew Wood, Managing Director of, who conducted the poll commented:

"It's interesting to see that our top fantasy jobs tend to have a good dose of mischief! We didn't expect Superheroes to get beaten to the top spot - and certainly not by Minions and Hogwarts Professors! Clearly, we Brits wouldn't mind donning a pair of dungarees and helping out the villains of the world from nine-to-five, no doubt having a lot of fun along the way."

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