Fat Burning Food

Fat Burning Food

We have all heard it before, eat certain foods and they will not only stop you putting on weight but will actually burn the fat you have, well here it is - there is no such thing they are a nutrition myth.

The Myth - Fat Burning Foods Exist

No It's Wrong.

Fat burning foods are as a friend of mine labelled them the "unicorns" of the nutrition world. They quite simply do not exist.

If you think about it logically the term itself doesn't make sense, how can a food cause you to burn fat it can't foods give you energy they don't cause you to burn fat.

When you eat food, the hormonal changes in your body actually slow the process of fat burning down, they don't speed it up - no matter what you eat or what the experts say.

They want to show you a list of foods that will help you with fat loss, they are right that whole, natural foods such as chicken breasts, eggs, nuts, fruits, and vegetables all help you lose fat but this is by controlling your appetite and by not causing you to gain fat. Not one of those ingredients actually burns fat.
The other argument eating hot peppers or drinking high caffeine drinks or green tea can burn fat, but think about it would consuming these foods and drinks really successfully replace a workout?

The best advice is keep your nutrition simple and easy to stick with. Include whole, natural foods and limit high-calorie and high-sugar foods to just a couple of treats per week. Continue with your favourite training workouts and watch the fat go and go fast.

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