Bacon is Britain's number one food

Bacon is Britain's number one food

The breakfast favourite beat chicken, chocolate and steak to take the top spot (second, third and fourth place respectively), but sweet foods were ranked generally lower.  Bacon is so well-loved that pigs from the regions of Yorkshire and Tamworth are bred especially for bacon.

Food Network UK chef Andy Bates said: “The study shows we tend to be quite traditional and safe with our tastes - leaning towards ingredients considered staples rather than more unusual, luxury ingredients.

“We definitely favour foods we’re more familiar with but also those that are affordable, simple and versatile”.

Managing Director of Food Network, Nick Thorogood, said: “We are seeing a resurgence of British ingredients, including asparagus and black pudding - along with many others that made the Top 100 Index.

“It will be interesting to see how this list evolves in the next few years - Food Network UK aims to inspire people to try new foods but also new ways of cooking with existing ingredients”.

The study represented a victory for ‘love it or hate it’ food Marmite, which came in in 35th place.

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