Brits Overspend by £30 on Each Visit to the Supermarket

Brits Overspend by £30 on Each Visit to the Supermarket

Budgets are no longer top priority amongst British food shoppers as a new survey has revealed that Brits overspend by almost £30 on each trip to the supermarket.

The YouGov survey of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by recipe and ingredient delivery service, also revealed almost a third of Brits have no budget in mind when they do their supermarket shop.

Worryingly, 1 per cent of Brits claim to over spend by over £100 on each trip to the supermarket.

Men are more frivolous than women with their spending as they go over budget by an average of £29.64 per shop, compared to women who overspend by £25.72.

Typically, 35 to 44 year olds are the biggest over spenders, going over budget by £32.41 each time they visit the supermarket.

The 55 plus age group were the least likely to worry about crunching numbers, as 42 per cent have no budget when they are food shopping, compared to the thriftiest age group of 25-34 year olds where only 24 per cent don’t have a budget.

The biggest over spender is likely to be a married male, aged 35 – 44 working full time, and living in the Midlands with two children.

The most thrifty Brits and the smallest over spenders are married women aged 18-24 who live in Wales.

The survey also revealed that 14 per cent of Brits visit the supermarket every other day or more often, meaning that we could be overspending by £5,004 a year.

However, 29 per cent of Brits said that they disliked supermarkets for the very reason that they overspent whilst there.

Ed Boyes, Commercial Director of said, “Without a strict budget on a food shop, it’s a no brainer that we’d buy products we don’t need.

“It’s so easy to get drawn into the special offers and discounts when you’re in a supermarket, but its false economy when the extra food you buy goes to waste.

“By delivering exact ingredients for meals for a set price, using Hello Fresh ensures you never go over budget and never have food waste sat in the refrigerator or cupboards.”

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