Dry January: Welch’s Mocktail Recipes

Dry January: Welch’s Mocktail Recipes

If you’re taking part in Dry January or the Dryathon but still want to live the high life, then these mocktails are the drink you you.

Welch's have employed the help of Mixologist Dre Masso to create these deliciously fruity drinks, enjoy!

White Grape Mojito


•             250ml Welch’s White Grape Light

•             15 large mint leaves

•             3 lime wedges squeezed and dropped into the drink

•             3 white grapes, sliced

•             Topped up with sparkling water

Glass: Highball

Method: Build in glass over cubed ice. Give it a good stir.

Garnish: Large sprig of mint

Note: This is Dre’s take on the world’s most popular cocktail.  You’ll find non-alcoholic versions in almost every bar, but none quite as good as this one.  The White Grape Mojito looks spectacular and your guests will be delighted with such a glamorous non-alcoholic alternative.

Garden Punch (makes 1 litre)


•             600ml Welch’s White Grape light (3 parts)

•             200ml Chilled breakfast tea (1 part)

•             15ml Elderflower cordial

•             Juice of half a lemon

•             1 lemon, chopped

•             1 green apple, chopped

•             Half cucumber, chopped

•             12 white grapes, halved

•             1 pear, sliced

Glass: Punch Bowl and punch cups

Method: Build in punch bowl over decorated block of ice*

Garnish:  Use any of the fruit ingredients or herbs from the garden

Note: Punch was introduced to England from India in the early 17th Century.  The word ‘punch’ means five, and alludes to 5 key ingredients in the drink: originally alcohol, lemon, spices, sugar and tea- hence the Indian connection.  This version uses the traditional tea element, but glams it up with a dash of elderflower cordial.

*Note on making decorated block of ice: Add cubed ice and chopped fruit to plastic container. Fill with water. Freeze. When ready to make the cocktail empty ice block into punch bowl. This should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Berry Rosé Cobbler


•             250ml Welch’s Rosé Grape Light

•             1 strawberry, chopped

•             2 blackberries

•             3 blueberries

Glass: Large wine glass

Method: Cobble fruit in glass with the back of a spoon. Fill with crushed ice. Add rosé grape. Give it a good stir.

Garnish: 1 blackberry, ½ strawberry and a blueberry, served with a straw

Note: This drink is based on an old American recipe where fruits of the season were ‘cobbled together’ and added to spirit, wine, champagne or sherry with sugar.  In the 1830’s, ice was introduced to the cocktail and a new invention, the straw, became commonplace in a cobbler.  Our version can be made in an individual glass, or easily multiplied for a stunning party drink.

Grape & Raspberry Mule


•             White Grape and Raspberry (2 parts)

•             Top with ginger beer (1 part)

•             3 lime wedges squeezed and dropped into the drink

Glass: Metal tin/highball

Method: Build over cubed ice

Garnish: Raspberry and lime wedge

Note: This simple, but refreshing, drink was invented in the Hollywood’s legendary British bar, the Cock and Bull, in the 1940’s and was originally served in copper mugs.  We’ve used tin mugs in our version for an authentic return to that Hollywood heyday.

Summer Breeze


•             200ml White Grape and Raspberry (2 parts)

•             100ml Grapefruit juice (1 part)

Glass: Highball

Method: Build over cubed ice

Garnish: Squeeze of lime, lime wheel and raspberry

Note: Remember the early 90’s when all we drank was Sea Breezes? Well this gloriously simple version not only looks beautiful, but tastes amazing.  Pour the grapefruit juice carefully over the Welch’s for a two-tone delight that will tantalise your taste buds.

Welch’s Sangria


•             500ml Welch’s Purple Grape Light (3 parts)

•             Juice of one orange

•             Juice of one lemon

•             Top with Lemonade (1 part)

Glass: Sangria jug and glasses

Method: Build in jug

Garnish: Peaches, orange and lemon. All chopped

Note: The traditional Sangria recipe was born out of the need to chill red wine to make it palatable, and using seasonal fruits before they went off in the Spanish heat.  Dre has based this drink on Welch’s Purple Grape Light, and the jug can be filled with any fruits you like.  Tinned fruit is perfect for this recipe – making use of store cupboard ingredients so you can make this Sangria anytime you like.

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