British Cheese Week: a cheaper protein option

British Cheese Week: a cheaper protein option

The British Cheese Board has found the cost per gram of protein-rich foods, and revealed that mild cheddar cheese is the second cheapest protein option, after peanuts.

Cheddar came in at 1.97p per gram, making it more than twice as cost effective as turkey at 4p per gram, and more than three times cheaper than lamb steaks, which came in at 7.18p.

According to nutritionists, we should include protein in at least two meals a day, as it helps our bodies grow and repair, and is essential for our hearts and organs. However, it is important include it as part of a balanced diet, as no food or food group is good for you if you eat it exclusively.

Nigel White, Secretary of the British Cheese Board said: “Obviously we’re not suggesting that people replace all meats and fish with cheese, but with the cost of groceries continuing to rise, we wanted to show that cheese can provide a really cost effective way to create tasty family meals and get all the protein you need. 

"The typical protein content of hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Lancashire, Red Leicester and Cheshire is around 25% - similar to many meats - so we want to make people aware that cheese is a natural, nutrient dense protein food, and a very cost effective alternative or addition to meat/fish dishes.”

The British Cheese Board has also put together a budget meal planner, with meals that can be made from £1 per person. Check it out at:

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