Health benefits: coffee contains antioxidants

Health benefits: coffee contains antioxidants

Though coffee is a necessary part of most working people's day, everyone knows to limit their use of it due to the adverse consequences caffeine can have on the body. 

It's true too much coffee can be bad for you (in reality, anything in excess is bad for you), but what you may not know is that the drink actually has some beneficial effects too - when drunk in moderation, of course.

Coffee contains lots of antioxidants, which help to shorten the risk of cancer, as well as decreasing the ageing process. It can also help fight muscle pain, so brew yourself a cup before you do any exercise.

Drink a cup of coffee when you first wake up. This is when the stimulating powers of caffeine are most effective, and it'll help you feel bright and breezy. It also helps start your metabolism going, so you can start fat burning.

To minimise the damage coffee does to you, don't drink any after midday. This will prevent caffeine overload from keeping you up at night, and should stop any jitters or shaking you might get from too much coffee. If you are still struggling to sleep, cut back your last coffee to your mid-morning break, and see if it makes a difference.

Emily Bancroft

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