Celebrate British Cheese Week with some cheese on toast

Celebrate British Cheese Week with some cheese on toast

Toast reigns supreme as our favourite breakfast.

The most important meal of the day and all we want is some simple bread, according to new research.

With plenty of other things on offer, yoghurts, cereal or even fruit, toast is still eaten by more than eight in ten people in the morning.

Experts say its popularity as a breakfast meal is down to the variety of ways it can be eaten, with sweet or savoury spreads.

The report said that toast is more popular amongst women, the fact that it can be eaten on the go is sure to be one of the huge factor of why it is so popular.

There has also been a massive growth of 37 per cent in hot cereals like prroidge in the past five years.

The cold weather makes more people likely to turn to it, but research also shows that when the weather does improve the love of porridge is not wavering.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

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