Find out which ocean this came from

Find out which ocean this came from

Ever wondered where the fish on your plate has come from? Thanks to John West you no longer need to be curious.

For the first time ever, consumers will be provided access to information about where their fish was caught, including the ocean and even the boat that made the catch.

The scheme allows customers to input a unique code - found on the lid of every can - into the company's Fish Finder. The code then reveals the individual story behind each and every can.

Paul Reenan of John West says: "For the first time, we have made it possible for consumers to trace exactly where their fish comes from. We know the orgins of every product in our range, and we are committed to sharing this detail with all of our customers."

The scheme launches today beginning with tuna cans and will roll out across outher seafood ranges over the next 18 months.

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