Warburtons Chilled Winter Fruit Loaf Pudding with Cranberries

Warburtons Chilled Winter Fruit Loaf Pudding with Cranberries

We’re all used to munching on a Christmas pudding after our festive meal but why not try something a little different with this chilled pudding?

It’s burst of cinnamon and nutmeg combined with the delicious cranberry’s are sure to get everyone’s mouths watering this Christmas.

Here’s what you’ll need and how to make it!

Serves: 4

Nutritional Analysis: 200cal/1g fat per portion

Ingredients: 2 slices of Warburtons Winter Fruit Loaf

1 tablespoon of dried cranberries

1 cup of fresh cranberry juice

Brandy (optional)


1. Sprinkle the cranberries in the base of a ramekin

2. Roughly tear the slices of bread and place over the cranberries

3. Mix a little brandy with some cranberry juice and pour over the bread, ensure the bread is fully soaked but not soggy (for a deeper coloured pudding mix cranberry juice with a little blackcurrant juice)

4. Press the bread firmly down into the mould

5. Chill for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator before turning the pudding out onto a serving plate

6. For that extra Christmas touch, flambé with brandy and serve with brandy butter

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The  Warburtons Winter Fruit Loaf is available from all good supermarkets for RRP £1.47.


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