It can actually be sometimes cheaper to eat healthier

It can actually be sometimes cheaper to eat healthier

Most people know that they should eat better, but can be put off by assuming the healthy option is always the expensive one.

However, this isn’t always the case.  It can actually be sometimes cheaper to eat healthier, with many supermarket value products having less salt, sugar, and fat than their brand counterparts.

Research carried out by nutritionist Angela Dowden for The Daily Mail found that Asda’s tomato ketchup is not only significantly cheaper than the market leader Heinz, at 86p compared to £1.19, but also contains half the salt content, and less salt.  This trend was mirrored in many other products.

It can also be cheaper to get out of the supermarket, and visit local shops, particularly greengrocers and butchers.  However, this is only a lower cost option if these shops are located close to your house, otherwise the petrol costs it will take to get from one to the other will make it not worth it.  It then may be cheaper to visit a farmers’ market, where organic, often low cost food is provided in one place.

Finally, the most obvious solution to eating healthier and cheaper is to cut down the amount of food you eat.  With so many people consuming more calories than they need to, this is having an effect on their waistlines and their grocery bills.  This only applies if you are exceeding the recommended daily allowance for what you should eat.

It’s not that hard for your family to eat healthily for a lower cost, it just takes a few simple changes.

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