MOMA Porridge: Winter Warmers

MOMA Porridge: Winter Warmers

MOMA promises to keep your cockles warm this winter as The Best Breakfast line-up is joined by a hot new addition – porridge!  

With four deliciously different flavours to choose from, this breakfast promises to give you the perfect MOMA mouthful packed with wholegrain jumbo oats and delicious dried fruit…..just add hot water and enjoy! With just the right blend of wholegrain jumbo oats it is packed full of healthy goodness giving you slow releasing energy…right up until lunch.

Pick up your porridge and chose from Original, Cranberry or Golden Syrup or add your own twist to their Plain version. Available at a selection of retailers at only £1.29 they will provide you with a filling, tasty and healthy breakfast as well as that extra heating we all need during the winter months!

Tom Mercer, founder of MOMA, says, “The colder mornings are now upon us and so at MOMA we thought there was no time like the present to introduce our winter warmer porridge. A breakfast that is not only delicious but promises to fill you up– just what we all need in the morning.”

The porridge joins MOMA’s original Bircher Muesli that comes crammed full of jumbo oats soaked in apple juice and mixed with low-fat probiotic Somerset yogurt and real fruit.

The best quality wholegrain JUMBO British oats are the reason these breakfasts are so filling. As well as being low-in fat and high in fibre their low GI qualities mean you release energy slower and stay fuller longer. Plus, they are also a really healthy and delicious way to start your morning!

MOMA began as a one man band when Tom Mercer set it up in 2006 on a quest  to sort out bad breakfast routines. He says, “Mornings are tough enough already without the added stress of trying to find a breakfast that isn’t packed with grease or sugar. I wanted MOMA to help people on the go grab something really wholesome, healthy and enjoyable.”

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