Enjoy a Mexican bean wrap

Enjoy a Mexican bean wrap

From 21- 27 May the UK is invited to throw caution to the wind and join the Vegetarian Society in a celebration of all things vibrantly veggie.

To help everyone focus, this year’s extravaganza of veggie vitality will celebrate the most important meal of the day – breakfast. An essential part of everyone’s day whether you are veggie or not. 

Liz O’Neill, Head of Communications at the Vegetarian Society, said “National Vegetarian Week is a great vehicle for many sectors - there’s a myriad of opportunities to delve into. It lends itself to the topics of health, wellbeing, the environment and of course food. This year’s breakfast theme will help everyone to get off to a good start, realise how much veggie food they already eat and help to tackle head on the  notion that life isn’t worth living without a bacon butty.”   

Now in its twentieth year National Vegetarian Week (NVW) is the annual awareness-raising campaign promoting inspirational vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved in NVW and you don’t have to be a devotee of breakfasts. Restaurants, schools, libraries, caterers, shops, manufacturers and individuals can find out more at www.nationalvegetarianweek.org or call 0161 925 2000.

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