Pepper Jack Cheeseburger

Pepper Jack Cheeseburger

I've always found Frankie and Benny's to be an enjoyable experience, the food is heart and the atmosphere is warm, so when they announced that they would be adding new reciped to the menu, I knew I had to go and try them. 

One of the main selling points of the restuarant has to be the family atomosphere - which is only further enforced by the friendly staff. 

Whether you go for a date, on your own or take family and friends they treat you well and ensure that all of your needs are catered for. 

Anyway, I went and tried the new menu additions and it was most certainly a treat. 

The additions give you that little bit of extra choice and add a little something  extra to already loved calssics like the cheeseburger. I highly recommend the Pepper Jack Cheeseburger which is made from prime Irish Beef and laden with Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce, red onion, tomoto, pickle, mayo and a chilli relish side. 

If you're a lover of burgers like me, this will certainly tickle your taste buds. 

The best additions have been made to the dessert menu though. Included in this is the Yankee Doodle which is pictured. It would be very easy to order one of everything just so you can taste them all. Much easier than having to make a decision. 

Like I said it's not just the menu that draws you in and ensures that you go back to Frankie and Benny's it's the wonderful family-feel experience. 

I went to the branch on Edge Lane in Liverpool and can't wait to go back again. 

Our server Sharon made sure all of our needs were catered to. 

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