Young Brits are Resorting to Eating Cereal as Main Meal as They’re too Busy

Young Brits are Resorting to Eating Cereal as Main Meal as They’re too Busy

Having cereal in place of an evening meal is now common ground for most young Brits. University taught us that set meal times don’t exist and that you can eat whatever you like, whenever you like.

If you were to tell your gran that you’re having cereal in place of your dinner then she would insist on bringing you a meal every day to make sure you were eating properly!

Unfortunately for young Brits, cereal is a staple in their diet as well as quick fix meals such as pasta and pesto, as well as pizza and beans on toast.

In fact, research has found that they’re now only cooking a proper meal once a week!

So why are we having to put food right the bottom of our to-do list? Well it would seem that the young professionals of Britain simply don’t have time to cook.

Geoff Cormack, spokesman for Harbour Salmon Co. Infusions, which conducted the study of 980 young professionals said, “Young professionals who are totally committed to work – and who don’t have a family to go home to – are likely to view food as something to keep them going rather than an enjoyable part of the day.

“The study indicates that workers are too busy, too stressed and too side-tracked to give a decent amount of time or thought to what they will eat for their evening meal.

“As such, workers are opting for quick fix meals which are fast to prepare, and take little effort.

“Unfortunately this can mean that some of the meals Brits are choosing to eat – such as pies, chips and pizza are on the unhealthy side. But there are quick, healthy and stress free alternatives.”

The country is trying to drive a huge health initiative, trying to get the younger generations to eat more healthily, but this is something that young professionals seem to be shunning in the place of convenience.

The survey shows young professionals will regularly consume short cut meals such as sausage and chips, ham, egg and chips, and pie and chips.

Toasties, chicken nuggets, and fishfinger sandwiches also form a staple part of the young working professional’s diet.

Busy Brits who work long hours will eat at least two evening meals from a packet or jar each week, while opting for a meal out at least once a week.

But eight in 10 admit they would try to cook from scratch more often if they arrived home from work at a decent time – and most workers rarely walk through the front door before 7pm.

Two thirds admit that by the time they do get home, they are so exhausted from the day they simply can’t find the energy to do anything more than switch on the microwave or oven.

Just over half of those polled admit that sometimes they get home from work so late they have gone past the point of a big meal and prefer to snack instead.

Indeed, research indicates that in an average week, a quarter of workers will only manage to eat three meals a day once or twice, while one in 10 will never eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Six in 10 professionals claim it costs too much to cook from scratch every night, and as a consequence four in 10 opt for microwave meals up to three times a week.

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