Snails, tripe and oysters top hated foods survey

Snails, tripe and oysters top hated foods survey

Britain is a nation of fussy eaters, according to a new survey. 

The Fussy Food Nation Report found that the food we like the least is snails, closely followed by tripe.

Oysters, squid and anchovies also made the top five, with almost 60% saying the texture puts them off certain foods, and more than half saying the smell.

However, it may also be the idea of certain foods that makes them repulsive to people. While snails are a delicacy in France, and other European countries, they've never been something that many people eat in Britain. Perhaps this is simply because Britons are more squeamish about eating something that slimes across our garden, in the same way most people would feel sick about eating tripe (stomach lining of various farm animals).

Foods such as tripe were once popular, however. Their decrease in popularity is most likely due to people being more aware of what goes into certain foods because of better education and television programmes on the subject.

Cook and food writer Valentine Warner said: "I’d implore people to try more foods and to not be put off by previous experiences; yes, even snails can actually be very tasty. Experiencing new food is a joy, you may not like everything but it’s trial and error and in my experience, the more you try things the more you get to like them".

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