Becoming a Food Critic is Named as Women’s Dream Job

Becoming a Food Critic is Named as Women’s Dream Job

You’d maybe think that most women would state their dream job as being a supermodel or actress.

But it seems the tides are turning as women are saying they would rather dine on delicious meals as a Food Critic rather than slim down and pose on catwalks.

It’s possible that the rise of the celebrity chef has had an impact on this, as well as celebrity food critics.

People such as Greg Wallace, Paul Hollywood and even Mary Berry could be making women choose food as their career path.

It’s not hard to see why women would want to become a Food Critic. Trying new, exciting and mainly delicious foods everyday can’t be too bad of a job!

The results from the poll were as follows:

1.            Food critic – 36%

2.            Fashion Editor – 32%

3.            TV Presenter – 27%

4.            Model – 25%

5.            Celebrity Publicist – 21%

6.            Stylist – 18%

7.            Olympian/sportswoman – 14%

8.            Actress – 12%

9.            Crime Scene Investigator – 9%

10.          Voice actor (animation) – 5%

With regards to their current jobs, 51 per cent of women admitted not to being happy with 66 per cent claiming they are bored of their role.

Bobbie Malpass, editor of, said, “It was very interesting to get a closer look into what women wish they could do and to see the range of the answers. I guess having to taste food on a day to day basis is something we could all get used to and it’s probably not that difficult!”

“Although, it’s a real shame to see that more than half of women admitted to feeling unhappy about their current job. If you feel like your current job is not made for you or isn’t challenging enough, then there is nothing stopping you from looking for something more exciting; except you, that is!

More and more women opt for a career change, so take the opportunity to see what’s out there and try your luck!”

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