The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5

Apple has a habit of rereleasing much of their technology line up every year, whether it be slight changes or a massive overhaul, with the iPod being revised on many occasions, and the iPhone being on its fourth iteration following the release of the iPhone, the iPhone 3G, and then the iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone 4 saw the biggest change in the iPhone, with a revised design, screen, and new capabilities, so users are anxious as to whether we can expect the same calibre of upgrade when it comes to revealing the iPhone 5.

Apple have already announced a number of advancements for the current generations of iPhone including the introduction of iCloud, and the new operating system iOS 5, with many believing that these announcements are foreshadowing the iPhone 5 announcement, but what does iCloud and iOS5 improve? 

The new iCloud functionality allows every user 5GB of cloud storage, meaning someone can download and access the same data across a number of devices like the iPhone, iPad and iMacs. This means calendar details, alarms, and app information can be shared across different devices wirelessly.

The new iOS comes with a massive amount of features, though some of them are already on Android and Window phones, they are still welcomed with open arms by iPhone users.

The new OS has biult in Twitter integration, new features for emails, taking photos, and perhaps most surprisingly, iOS products can now be used PC free straight out of the box, and can also be synced wirelessly over Wi Fi. 

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