E3 2020 is reportedly set to be cancelled.



The consumer and trade show is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles between June 9 and June 11, but it has been thrown into doubt due to ongoing concerns over coronavirus, which has already caused numerous high-profile events to be cancelled elsewhere around the world.

And according to GameSpot, E3 2020 is likely to follow suit, even though it has not yet been officially confirmed.

In recent weeks, there have been a number of hints that E3 2020 will be cancelled, with the publisher Devolver Digital encouraging people to scrap their E3 plans, flights, and accommodation.

Ars Technica has also published a report suggesting that the cancellation is imminent.

Meanwhile, in other industry news, Phil Spencer recently said he hopes the rise of streaming will make video game developers more creative.

The executive - who is the vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft - thinks that streaming will transform the industry moving forwards, saying it ought to make developers more creative than ever before.

He explained: "Once you get through the pragmatics of making [a game] playable on [multiple screen sizes] then you get to the promise.

"You start talking about ... 'well, wait a minute, now if my game isn't just dependent on this one piece of hardware that someone maybe bought five years ago in the home, but actually something that a large cloud provider is updating on the back end and is scalable, then what can I do with our games?'

"That is a very cool future up and down. How do we scale the cloud computer to the creative experience that somebody wants to deliver?"