Jungle Jewels

Jungle Jewels

Lauren Omond from TeePee Games brings us her roundup of all things games - new discoveries, gossip and more!

New discovery - Jungle Jewels

Jungle Jewels is a fun and addictive match-3 game published by GameDuell, the team behind titles such as Bubble Speed, Maya Pyramid and Dino Golf.

Gameplay is simple and consists of swapping jewels around on a grid to try and match three or more of the same colour.

To beat the game you’ve got to clear a specific number of each jewel to unlock coin which you’ve then got to get to the bottom of the grid.

The best strategy is to try and match four or five jewels as this awards the most points and the best bonuses. Matching four of the same colours leaves an explosive jewel on the grid while matching five leaves behind a powerful vortex.

Jungle Jewels doesn’t do anything particularly new or exciting but the dazzling jewels, vibrant colours and jungle theme make it a very visually attractive game to play.

The controls are slightly different from other match-3 games but become pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it. Just click on the jewel once and move the mouse in the direction you would like to switch it to.    

'Queen of the Jungle' Lauren’s verdict: Puzzle fans will find plenty to love here. With adventure, discovery and thrills at every turn, Jungle Jewels is one of the most exciting puzzle games on Facebook.

New discovery - CSI: Crime City

Licensed video games don’t tend to have a great track record but CSI: Crime City certainly bucks the trend. Gameplay is primarily a point and click treasure hunting affair but the developers have managed to blend the crime theme in so well that you don’t even realise.

In CSI: Crime City you take the role of a crime scene investigator and have to search crime scenes, uncover hidden clues and manage your very own personal lab.

Each crime scene is made up of a grid of squares that must be carefully inspected for clues. Any evidence you do find will need to taken back to your personal crime lab for research and analysis.

You don’t have to be a fan of the CSI shows to enjoy this game but if you are you certainly won’t be disappointed as several of the TV characters make an appearance to help players along the way.

The graphics are extremely polished and the cut-scenes are very well written which adds to game’s appeal. 

Lauren’s verdict: CSI: Crime City is a good game and definitely worth a try. It has solid gameplay, lots of cases, slick visuals and stays true to its TV show origins.

Game gossip - Top 10 Facebook Games

It’s been a hectic week at the TeePee Games office as we’ve been busy putting together a new chart of the most popular Facebook games.

The weekly chart ranks the top 10 Facebook games that have been installed through the www.teepeegames.com portal and TeePee Games Facebook application.

Here’s our first chart for the week ending 8th October 2011:

Position   Game
1            Car Town
2            Castaways
3            Jungle Jewels
4            Epic Fighters
5            Premier Football
6            Disco Empire
7            MMA Pro Fighter
8            Monopoly Millionaires
9            Top Eleven Football Manager
10           Starship Command