Playstation Vita

Playstation Vita


Sony recently unveiled further details about their upcoming handheld, including the official title. The Playstation Vita, formerly known as the Next Generation Portable, was a big feature of Sony's E3 press conference and anticipation for the device has been growing ever since. 

The Vita is the next step in handheld gaming, and is capable of running games that are close to Playstation 3 quality, and Sony did show a number of Playstation franchises running on the device including Uncharted: Golden Abyss and LittleBig Planet. 

The first handheld to feature two analog sticks, one of the most oft-requested revisions to all handhelds. It also packs in a 5 inch multi touch capable screen, and a 5 inch touch pad on the rear of the device.

The handheld also features sixaxis, meaning the handheld can be controlled by tilting and turning the device.

The Playstation Vita is going to be released in a wi-fi only version, and a 3G version, which will be slightly more expensive and include a subscription plan. There will also be a front and rear facing cameras for augmented reality games and the handheld also has built in GPS.

The U.K. price for the Vita has yet to unveiled.

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