Activision would consider all its franchises for potential mobile games.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

The publisher has revealed the company - which is already focused on mobile devices - is ready to expand with more titles set to be developed away from traditional consoles.

In an earnings call, the firm's president and chief operating officer Coddy Johnson said: "A third of our business is on mobile already.

"We have the largest mobile gaming presence in the west. So we want to build on that leadership position. We think it's a foundation of strength to do that.

"[Mobile] is a massive opportunity, and we think not just for 'Call of Duty' and not just for 'Diablo Immortal.' "

The success of its mobile model partly comes from its acquisition of King, the giant behind 'Candy Crush'.

Meanwhile, the executive also pointed to the capability of such devices as technology improves, and it gives the brand more room to grow its catalogue.

He added: "The AAA kinds of games we make are ready to work on mobile because of the improving compute and graphics capability [of the mobile devices].

"And honestly because of evolving player expectations. It's now the case that many of the most successful global games are first-person action, strategy; those all align, as you might imagine, very well with our portfolio. [And] we have a growing ability to execute."