The video gaming market in Africa is poised for an explosion, according to an industry expert.

Gaming market prediction

Gaming market prediction

George Ohere, the chief executive of Weza Interactive, a developer of gaming content, has claimed that the market is growing rapidly and that the trend is set to continue in the coming years.

Speaking to the BBC, Ohere explained: "We wanted to focus on the African theme because we think it's time for Africa.

"It's just really about empowering the people, showing them they can be the heroes of Africa."

In Nairobi in Kenya, Ludique - a games developer - is currently working with 2,000 video game contributors from across Africa.

And according to Lilian Nduati, Ludique's chief executive, the global gaming market needs to start to embrace African talent.

Lilian said: "We've got young Africans who have travelled, they're widely exposed, they're thinking, 'Hey, how come I'm not seeing someone who looks like me or speaks like me in some of the games that I'm playing?' So what we're trying to then do is fill the gap.

"We envision a future where we've produced a game from here, so from Africa to the world."