Amazon is reportedly launching its own game-streaming service.



According to Deadline, the Seattle-based firm - whose CEO Jeff Bezos was recently confirmed as the world's richest man - are already in the planning stages and have held meetings with potential publishers to distribute their games on their, as-yet-untitled, streaming platform for games, with a pencilled in launch date of as early as next year.

They would follow in the footsteps of Google and their Project Cloud service and Microsoft whose service is currently titled Xcloud.

It's not surprise that Amazon wants to move into the game-streaming market, as they are one of the biggest sellers of gaming titles.

The US company already has its own Amazon Game Studio, which last year recruited 2K Games founder Christoph Hartmann to head up the division.

However, there has been a few blips along the way, with their first title, 'Breakaway' being cancelled.

Amazon Game Studios has an MMO 'New World', 'Crucible' and a game based on their 'Grand Tour' automobile series on the way in the meantime.