'Anthem' saves will be transferable if the game gets a next generation version.



The popular title's developer BioWare has seemingly confirmed that gamers won't be losing their progress if things move on with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett.

The studio's live service boss Chad Robertson took part in a question and answers session on Twitter this week, and a fan asked if users would be able to carry over save files when upgrading to net gen consoles.

Chad simply replied: "Always..."

The tweet comes days after BioWare detailed the extensive list of improvements they are making to 'Anthem' after the "rocky" start with the VIP demo.

The developers previously addressed the issues that plagued the launch of the online multiplayer action role-playing title, including platform connections, entitlements, and infinite loads.

Chad wrote in a blog post: "It was an eventful VIP Demo weekend for BioWare. As I shared on Saturday, it started rocky, but we stabilised that afternoon and maintained it until we turned servers off Sunday evening. We learned a ton about our game, our service, and you, our community. We're working hard to ensure everyone can enjoy the game exactly as we've designed it.

"I'm particularly proud to be part of our amazing team across Austin and Edmonton. Their dedication and passion showed this weekend. Our war rooms in both locations were hot-beds of activity 24×7 all 3 days. We had fantastic support from EA and our partners."

Ahead of the release of the public demo this week, Robertson listed the following fixes:

Entitlement bugs, Server performance updates to address much of the rubber-banding, Fixes for infinite loads and more being investigated, Platform bugs to validate Javelin unlocks and Client and platform login bugs.

He also revealed that the improvements they have made, including weapons with 0% infusions, plot integrity and party gather issues and fixes for losing XP at end of some expeditions, will not be live when the public demo is made available.