'Apex Legends' developer Respawn has hit out at online leaks.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

The free-to-play battle royale game's executive producer Drew McCoy has responded after the title's fourth season was leaked early, and he said it "really sucks" when people ruin surprises just to get attention.

He tweeted: "Leaks are the absolute worst. I've never worked on a single project where it was purposeful or wanted.

"We spend insane amounts of time and energy to create cool surprises. Really sucks when someone wants internet points bad enough to ruin that."

Respawn's art director Joel Emslie seemed to agree with McCoy, as he replied to his tweet with the 'Anchorman' "Can I get an Amen?" gif.

With the fourth season coming on February 4, the studio appears to have thrown something of a curve ball even with the leaks.

It looks like the developer could have killed off new character Jimmie 'Forge' McCormick before he's even arrived as part of the playable roster.

In a new 'Stories from the Outlands' trailer, players were given a closer look at the new hero, but the video ends with Forge seemingly meeting his match and dying.

His placement on the teaser page for the upcoming season has now been greyed out, simply reading: "RIP Jimmie 'Forge' McCormick. Never defeated (except for that one time)"