'Apex Legends' is set to temporarily ban "piggy-backers".

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

The free-to-play battle royale game has revealed it will start issuing temporary bans for plays who "piggy-back", which involves hanging around a squad of good players, doing nothing, and still collecting XP to level up.

In a post on Reddit by the game's developers Respawn Entertainment, they described piggy-backing as: "Piggy-backing is when a player drafts off other players in the squad to carry them to a good position and level up faster but doesn't actually participate in the match [meaning they never collect a weapon, fire a shot, don't deal any damage, etc]"

And the developers went on to say temporary bans would be issued to players who exhibit that behaviour, with the "extreme cases" even being handed permanent bans.

The post continued: "We had been seeing some feedback from players around this and have been doing some internal investigations looking at game data to understand how many of the matches being played are affected by this behaviour.

"After looking at the data and internal discussions, we've decided that in the future we'll start instituting temp bans for players that exhibit piggy-backing behaviour and extreme cases could lead to a permanent ban. This change will not be immediate but wanted to give a heads up to players so you can adjust that behaviour."

However, several players are unhappy with this decision, as they expressed concerns over the possibility of innocent players being caught up by the automated scheme and being banned unfairly.

Instead, some players say it would be better if they could report teammates for piggy-backing, while others believe a revamp of the way XP is rewarded is needed to prevent people from piggy-backing in the first place.