'Bard's Tale IV' is set to get a Director's Cut release next month.

Bard's Tale IV

Bard's Tale IV

Developers at inXile have announced the dungeon crawler video game will be getting a special Director's Cut edition, which will release digitally on August 27, with a physical copy for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 coming on September 6.

On Xbox One and PC, Game Pass subscribers can get the title at no extra cost, while it'll also be available for sale through the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, and digital PC storefronts.

The original game - titled 'The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep' - was released in 2018 for PC, and the new special edition not only brings the game to consoles for the first time, but also adds new content and contains "thousands" of bug fixes.

According to GameSpot.com, some of the new features include new enemies, items, and weapons, a new end-game chapter with hours of additional content, more gender and class options for character creation, additional difficulty settings, a more refined UI, and full gamepad support across all platforms.

Those who already own 'The Bard's Tale IV' on PC will be able to get 'The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut' for free, and there's also a deluxe version for PC that comes with extra items such as a map and wallpaper, along with the digital soundtrack and a number of other in-game extras.