EA says 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' was a "great game" marred by microtransaction controversy.

Battlefront II

Battlefront II

The publisher's CEO Andrew Wilson has commented on the 2017 sci-fi shooter's obvious problems surrounding the in-game purchases, but he insisted the title is in a much better place after they were removed.

Speaking in this week's earnings call, he said: "'Battlefront II', on balance - and it's kind of hard to see through the mist of this - but on balance, 'Battlefront II' was a great game.

"We made some missteps in the context of progression and monetisation which actually clouded what was otherwise a really great game. "With the ongoing commitment that the studio [DICE] has had with the player community, it's now a really strong game with really strong player sentiment, and we expect that will continue to do well.

"We should have had that done at launch but we are a learning organisation, and we've continued to support that community."

The controversy came when early access gamers noticed that the title's loot boxes - which could be bought with real life money - included items which could affect gameplay.

It was argued that this was too close to a 'pay-to-win' scenario, and EA quickly acted to removed all microtransactions from the game before it was released to the public.

Although real money purchases did return to 'Battlefront II', this was only in the case of cosmetics - like similar content included in 'Fortnite' - which do not impact gameplay.