Bethesda have praised the Nintendo Switch as a leading console.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The developers' SVP of global marketing and communications, Peter Hines, has opened up about the level of support they have received from Switch in the last few years and how it has offered more than rival machines.

He told Games industry: "Certainly, you're not the wrong in that the level of support we have for Switch looks pretty dramatically different if you compare the last couple of years to the previous 15.

"I think that's due in large part to what that console could do versus any other Nintendo platform relative to the other platforms we were making games for."

He added how many Switch fans also play their popular titles such as 'Doom' and 'Skyrim' and that they have given Nintendo some of their audience.

He added: "One of the things we discovered in talking with Nintendo, is that there's a segment of their audience who plays other kinds of things on their platform that also likes our stuff.

"And there's a segment of their audience -- and it's a healthy size -- whose entry point into the platform is our title. [Nintendo] can see what is the first thing people play on a new Switch account, and when it's a Doom or a Skyrim, they're like: 'Somebody got a Switch and decided to play your game before anything else.'

"It's interesting to see. It definitely fits an audience that [Nintendo] already has, but it's also clear that we are bringing some new people to [Switch].

"I met a guy yesterday who said that the first things they bought on 'Switch' were 'Doom', 'Wolfenstein' and 'Skyrim' because they are the sort of thing they wanted, and the fact they were on the Switch made them get a Switch."