Ninja Theory admits Xbox Game Pass impacted the 'Bleeding Edge' development process.

Xbox One

Xbox One

The studio behind the team-based multiplayer title - which will be available on the subscription service from its launch on March 24 - has admitted its release plans mean the game will be reaching a much larger audience.

Creative director Rahni Tucker told "If you've come to the game through Game Pass and maybe you don't know so much about this type of genre, it can be a little harder to get into the game.

"Maybe they don't know all of the buttons, maybe they don't know how the game modes work, so we're trying to focus on that and make sure there's a nice ramp for new players coming into the game."

She added while there is "a fair bit of focus at the moment on the new player experience", she thinks customers buying the game - which will also be available on PC via Steam - at retail will be more in-tune with what to expect.

Tucker explained: "It's in a genre they know and understand so they're going to have familiarity with things like objective control or class-based characters."

Gamers will also get to play against the AI before testing their skills against real players online.