Electronic Arts says 'Fortnite' is good for gaming because it helps "expand the audience".



The company's CEO Andrew Wilson has suggested the hugely popular battle royale title has a positive impact on the industry as a whole because its mass appeal could provide a way into it for people who having giving the entertainment form a chance in the past.

Speaking during the company's earnings call, he said: "Our expectation is that as they continue to expand the audience, that provides tremendous opportunity for us going into the holiday season, particularly as we think about launching 'Madden' and 'FIFA' and 'Battlefield' into what is a growing player audience."

However, the gaming company's bosses aren't unanimous in their positiity, as CFO Blake Jorgensen suggested that the popularity of 'Fortnite' could have an impact on the amount of time people have to play other titles.

He explained: "Without a doubt, [Fortnite has] been a phenomenon in the industry, and I'm sure it's taken up people's time.

"We have a hard time pointing to exactly where that's impacted our business, but I am sure it is taking up people's time across the industry.

"But we also know that, that means more and more people are brought in to play games and will enjoy games in the future, in particular, first-person shooter games down the road."