'Destiny 2' has used a gamer's huge accomplishment to advance the Forsaken expansion.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Streamer Bagel4k pushed his Power level well beyond the new 960 cap thanks to the Seasonal Artifact, and he hit 999, which is very significant to the Dreaming City area.

There had been some suggestion that hitting the milestone would end the area's endless three week loop of torment, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Bungie has addressed the situation in a blog post 'On the Power Climb', which pays tribute to Bagel4k wile dropping in some secret messages from Hive leader Savathun.

In the lengthy post, the company says: "To our friend Bagel4k,

"[This is another gift]

"You've spent countless hours defeating the enemies of the Last City, steadily increasing your Power to challenge the darkness that is consuming the Dreaming City. [Your strength is my strength]

"We've been watching, alongside the community, as you've come to the doorstep of being the first Guardian in Destiny history to have a four-digit Power level. [Your victory is my victory]

"We are humbled by your dedication, and while this may not have broken the curse... we can say without question that you have become Legend. [My jaws are wide and I am waiting]"