Details of 'FIFA 19's soundtrack have been announced.



The latest edition of the long-running soccer video game series is set for release later this month, and ahead of its launch, details have slowly been made public.

And it's now been confirmed that songs from the likes of Childish Gambino, Gorillaz and Young Fathers will appear on the soundtrack.

Although the majority of the soundtrack is already available to listen to on Spotify, all 43 of the records will be released alongside the game in September.

Other big-name artists set to feature on the soundtrack include Courtney Barnett, Confidence Man and Bugzy Malone.

Last month, meanwhile, it was announced that 'FIFA 19' will feature a "new way to score goals".

The update allows players to control their finishing - but it comes at a risk.

Shaun Pejic, associate gameplay producer, said: "It's a new way to score goals, a new way to have more control in your finishing.

"This is a risk versus reward mechanic so if you press shoot and then press shoot again just before a player contacts the ball you ideally should get a perfect contact for the shot, which then will give you more power, more curve and more accuracy on the shots.

"But if you miss-time it then you get the opposite effect. But it can be quite fun and rewarding if you do time it correctly."

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