'Dragon Quest Heroes' director Tomohiko Sho says a third game has been discussed.

Drago Quest Heroes II

Drago Quest Heroes II

The second game in the role-playing franchise was released in April 2017, and Sho has revealed that he has spoken to developers Square Enix about another instalment, though he admitted there would be "a lot of hurdles" to tackle first.

He told NintendoEverything: "Obviously this is a Square Enix property so we can't really say anything, but I have kind of mentioned to them before, 'Shouldn't we consider a third entry?'

"So we've been talking a little about maybe putting out a third entry, but really the big thing is between I and II there were so many improvements made.

"If we were going to go from II to III, what else can we put in to really impress the players who played both games that will get them really excited and really emotionally moved by it?

"So there are a lot of hurdles. What would it be that we can put into the game? That's still something we're not sure how to do yet."

The 2015 original action-RPG featured both single-player and co-op multiplayer parties in the world of Dragon Quest and 'Dragon Quest Heroes II' included four new playable characters, as well as some that series fans recognised.

Players formed a party of up to four online to conquer swarms of enemies and defeat gigantic monsters.

The title is set after a thousand years of peace following a long and terrible war, which divided the world into seven realms.

But the long-kept peace is broken and the world descends into chaos one day, when the Dunisian army invades the Kingdom of Harba with Prince Cesar at the helm.

Cousins and fellow Dunisian knights-in-training Lazarel and Teresa fight to find a solution and bring back peace to teh world.