'LittleBigPlanet' developer Media Molecule admits its focus is on 'Dreams'.



Studio director Siobhan Reddy revealed the company is "all-in" on its new game-creation game, and working on that project is taking up all of the team's time.

She told GameSpot: "We're all-in all Dreams. That's what we're all doing right now. We've got so many plans, and we are a really small team.

"It's going to take every one of us, working on it together to get through all those plans that we have."

Reddy admitted Media Molecule is relatively small with around 50 people on the team, which means it's sole focus is on 'Dreams' - but 'LBP' could still be represented in some way.

She added: "We love 'LBP' and 'LBP' will always be our baby. 'Dreams' is our spiritual successor to it.

"At this very point, the plan for us is for 'Dreams' to be our main focus and to make the cool stuff we want to make in that, but who knows what that content will be. But it will be in 'Dreams.' "