Epic Games are launching their own online games store to rival Steam.

Epic Games launching Steam rival

Epic Games launching Steam rival

The creators of the most popular game of the moment, 'Fortnite', will open The Epic Games Store in 2019, which will not only sell gaming titles online, but also feature their Unreal Engine.

Plus developers and influencers will be brought together through the Support-A-Creator program.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said: "Previously, most creators were not compensated by game developers for their work and instead had to rely on donations.

"By matchmaking creators with developers, the Epic Games Store makes it easier for players to discover games, and rewards content creators for their efforts."

Sweeney added that this will be vital to "growth and vibrance" of the industry going forward.

He added: "We believe that creators, both games developers and content creators, are responsible for the game industry's enormous growth and vibrance, and should earn the lion's share of industry revenue."

Epic will be offering a free game every two weeks and while there won't be a forum for users, they are planning to host a reviews page as well as a place for bugs and issues to be resolved directly through developers.

He said: "We intend to add tools for players to communicate with developers privately, such as a ticketing system for bug reports and questions, to mitigate toxicity resulting from reviews being the only native communication mechanism.

"Users have generally migrated to Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Facebook groups, and other social media. "Developers are free to run their own forums and social media and link to them from their Epic Games Store pages."