'Fallout 76' will be an "entirely online" game, developers Bethesda has confirmed.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4

The much-hyped prequel to post-apocalyptic action role-playing game 'Fallout 4' has been unveiled at gaming expo E3 2018, and many of the rumours appear to be true.

Bethesda's chief developer Todd Howard announced the spin-off will be an online-based multiplayer, in which every other character is operated by another human player.

The game takes its name from Vault 76, the nuclear vault in West Virginia where the game opens.

The player emerges just a few decades after the nuclear war and is tasked with rebuilding society, which can be done solo, or with other players.

Howard described the game as "softcore survival" not "hardcore survival".

He added: "It's the apocalypse, not an amusement park, okay?"

The games map is divided into six regions, each with their own distinct style, risks and rewards. There are multiple nuclear missile sites on the map, and the game lets players do whatever they want with them.

'Fallout 76' has dedicated servers and is due for release on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4 on November 14, 2018.