Fallout 76's Wild Appalachia update has been delayed by a day.



The online action role-playing game is amidst a number of changes taking place this year, and their latest brewing and distilling update, which gives players a new workbench, which they build themselves and conjure up your own alcohol, plus more weapons and energy will now arrive on March 13.

Bethesda claimed they require more time to make the new experience just right.

A tweet on the official Fallout Twitter reads: "We are moving the release of Wild Appalachia back one day on all platforms. We just need a little more time to brew. Experience the new quest, crafting station & much more starting now on March 13.

Among the updates this year, are allowing players to open their own shop.

The new feature known as Player Vending, lets users set up shop to sell off some of their unwanted loot for in-game currency.

The developers promised "incredible" things from the new list of "future updates", which also included new quests and weekly in-game events.

They said: "Later this month, we are providing resolutions by way of new patches for Fallout 76.

"Like our December 11 update, we will have a big update that will address many of the issues you've been providing feedback on. Full patch notes will follow soon.

"We're also building an incredible list of future updates that we can't wait to share, including new quests, weekly in-game events, new Vaults opening, a new PvP mode, Player Vending and much more.

"2019 is an exciting year for Fallout 76 and we can't wait to grow it with you. Keep providing your feedback and letting us know what you'd like to see.

"Happy New Year from all of us!"

Player Vending gives users some more non-combat interactions with other players across the globe, bringing the game much closer to the community-building aspect that is core to its concept of repopulating the earth following a nuclear blast.