'FIFA 19' will introduce a survival mode which sees teams lose a randomly selected player each time they score.



The exciting new match time comes as part of a complete overhaul of the kick-off mode, which will now go far beyond the friendly matches it has hosted in the past.

Survival has already drawn comparisons to the current battle royale trend led by games like 'Fortnite', but developer EA Canada has played down any crossover.

Creative director Matt Prior told Eurogamer: "That battle royale thing kicked off long after we came up with this idea, but it's funny people are associating it [survival mode] with battle royale.

"I'm sure people won't believe me when I say this, but it genuinely had nothing to do with that! But it is funny how it's being seen as that!

"If you look back to 'FIFA Street' in 2012 we had a survival mode in that - a little bit different, but a similar kind of concept. It is something we've thought of bringing to the main game for a while. People are generally loving it."

In survival mode, the game will automatically end once either team has lost more than four players.

Also new for kick-off mode is the ability to make the game a cup final - for example, the FA Cup or Champions League - or part of a specific league, while players can also set up two-legged matches or 'best of' series.

In another huge revamp, gamers will even have access to a number of settings and modifications, including no referee, only allowing headers and volleys to count as goals, and a number of handicaps to balance matches with big gaps in skill level.