EA Sports has unveiled its first title update for 'FIFA 19'.



Although the patch doesn't make any big changes to the gameplay, it will fix some crucial bugs, and even sure that Petr Cech is no longer wearing his protective helmet during professional contract negotiations.

In the notes for the update - which is available now for PC and will be out soon for the console versions - the company quips: "Petr Cech was wearing his helmet during negotiation scenes, we have now found him a tie instead."

EA has decided to allow to game to settle a bit and let users get to grips with the title before making any sweeping changes to how it actually plays.

The company said: "Due to community feedback, we are planning on limiting changes to gameplay and only making targeted fixes in an effort to keep the balance and feel of the game consistent while we continue to gather feedback from players."

However, they have fixed a bug where in-game players would do a weak side foot shot when the user went for a laces shot, and the correct part of the Champions League anthem will now play at the start of matches.